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15 square meters art gallery in Poland

Polish artist Agatha Grzych opened a temporary art gallery in a 15 square meters room in a former chemistry school.

For the Love of Tenement Housing

Ektarina Yukhnieva, a historian of Architecture based in St. Petersburg, wanted to preserve the original interiors of tenement buildings and to promote the heritage of these buildings. Yukhnieva lives in such a building and as a part of her mission, she built a museum in her flat.

Andre Tomczak and local movement for sustainable Potsdam

The failed initiative to save postmodern buildings in Potsdam shows that participatory democracy is a struggle in Germany.

People Love Spaces: A Search for Community and Dialogue

In November, People Love Spaces took Ukranian and Russian independent musicians to a showcase tour through several central and eastern European countries. This tour revealed to us how difficult it is to build communication between creative communities and to help artists to be more mobile in Europe.

Celia Castro: From cultural cafe through coworking to personal blog

By Maxim Silva

Not all grassroots projects are successful. But this does not mean that we should not try to create and take risks. Love, directed at places and people, gives us the strength to go forward. This happened to Celia Castro in the Spanish city of Seville.

Five grassroots places and communities breathing life into Kiev

Over the past few years, many grassroots initiatives have emerged in Kiev aimed at interacting with local communities, improving abandoned districts, social participation. Katya Taylor talked with organisers of such projects to find out what inspired them and why they do it.

Crowdfunded public space in Dnipro, where anyone can organize an event

STAGE is an experimental public space built with help of international team of architects in Dnipro, Ukraine, which is conceived as an investigation of the cultural needs of the residents of the town.

Island of misunderstanding: Wroclaw authorities put on sale iconic building

By Maxim Silva

While Europe is talking about the need of strenghtening of local governance, in fact it’s not always possible to find a consensus between the authorities and the local communities. The drama of an old mansion in the Polish city of Wroclaw is one of the examples of the defeat of grassroots initiative.

Lost and found: How one australian man bought former train station in Czech Republic

Jamison Young bougth abandondoned railway station 70 kilometers south from Prague and made in it a rustic hotel with vintage furniture and a meditative atmosphere.


Museum of local history in an old factory (Moscow)

Owners of the former paper factory at Basmanny district in Moscow run an art-gallery on its territory, make  exhibitions and recently has created a unique  local museum. 

Slow fashion from Tel Aviv: Nina Skibnevsky and her brand Haptic Path

Nina Skibnevsky's slow fashion brand Haptic Path transmits her values: loving beauty and nature, travelling and justice 

Elizabeth Blasius and her blog about vernacular architecture (Chicago)

Chicago based architectural historian Elizabeth Blasius is exploring and defending vernacular architecture, that is designed and based on local materials, needs and traditions.

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