In 2015, Manuela Carmena from the new party «Ahora Madrid» («Now Madrid») became the mayor of Madrid. Since then, the urban policy of the Spanish capital underwent major changes. We invite you for a walk through living Madrid. 


In 2015, the representative of the political movement «Ahora Madrid» («Now Madrid» party is based on the principle of direct democracy) Manuela Carmena became the mayor of Madrid. Since then, the urban policy of the Spanish capital has begun to change.

Many construction projects that the mayor's office considers unsustainable have been suspended. The symbol of the new trends is the historical skyscrapper «Edificio España» ("Spain Building", on the photo), built in the 50s, during the Franco dictatorship. Despite its status as a monument, one big company wanted to demolish it, and restore only the facades. The City Hall prevented this, and now the building is waiting for a full-fledged restoration which will end by 2019. 

In addition, the city hall is planning to create pedestrian zones in the city center, the construction of social housing for people with small incomes and other urban innovations.

Many criticize Madrid authorities for «populism», hindering building new apartments and creating new jobs. The future will judge this dispute. Meanwhile we strolled through the center of Madrid and admired this colorful city and its people. 


In the past 30 years, Madrid has not escaped the fate of other capitals affected by mass commercial construction


Madrid inhabitants and tourists meet on the crowded Sol Square, in the heart of the city


Nevertheless, the small streets of the old town still retain their charm, and Madrid people decorate their balconies


Madrid is very fond of dogs, but this does not mean that there are no homeless animals

Members of NGO looking for new homes for abandoned dogs 


Despite frequent urban changes, the city retains its unique atmosphere and numerous small cafes, creative stores and markets

The inhabitants of Madrid dress very bright and stylish


Concept Store in the quarter of Malasaña


Graffiti stickers comment on political topics


Sunday market in one of the clothes stores of independent brands, with prizes and party



In the Malasaña quarter, famous for its bars and clubs, we wandered into a small vegetarian restaurant «Vega». Its young owners pay great attention to small details and support local food and wine producers. This space is made with love