People Love Spaces: A Search for Community and Dialogue

In November, People Love Spaces took Ukranian and Russian independent musicians to a showcase tour through several central and eastern European countries. This tour revealed to us how difficult it is to build communication between creative communities and to help artists to be more mobile in Europe.

Living Madrid. A walk through the streets of the Spanish capital

In 2015, Manuela Carmena from the new party «Ahora Madrid» («Now Madrid») became the mayor of Madrid. Since then, the urban policy of the Spanish capital underwent major changes. We invite you for a walk through living Madrid. 

4000 km of Music and Understanding: How We Put on a Tour of a Belarussian Musician Mustelide

Mustelide is a young independent musician from Belarus. The chronicle of her grassroots tour is an example of how courageous people can find a kindred soul anywhere they go.