Andre Tomczak and local movement for sustainable Potsdam

The failed initiative to save postmodern buildings in Potsdam shows that participatory democracy is a struggle in Germany.

Celia Castro: From cultural cafe through coworking to personal blog

By Maxim Silva

Not all grassroots projects are successful. But this does not mean that we should not try to create and take risks. Love, directed at places and people, gives us the strength to go forward. This happened to Celia Castro in the Spanish city of Seville.

Slow fashion from Tel Aviv: Nina Skibnevsky and her brand Haptic Path

Nina Skibnevsky's slow fashion brand Haptic Path transmits her values: loving beauty and nature, travelling and justice 

Elizabeth Blasius and her blog about vernacular architecture (Chicago)

Chicago based architectural historian Elizabeth Blasius is exploring and defending vernacular architecture, that is designed and based on local materials, needs and traditions.

“Parallel” blog about women in music by Zhenya Nedosekina (Moscow)

Zhenya Nedosekina (artistic name: Jekka), 29, is a singer and electronic musician from Moscow. In 2016, she started the blog "Parallel," which is devoted to female musicians in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.

Ceramist Mie Ghesquiere and local art community in Ostend (Belgium)

Outstanding Belgian ceramist Mie Ghesquiere shared with us her experiences creating a local community of artists with the intention of promoting their work.