Warsaw: local community residence in the old market

Maria Dąbrowska-Majewska and her daughter Weronika Majewska are closely connected with Praga, the district of Warsaw. Here, they set up a local community center in an old market.

Borderland case: Who makes a new culture in the German city of Görlitz

Divided by the river, the German city of Görlitz and the Polish city of Zgorzelec live as if together and at the same time apart. We talked with the youth Görlitz to feel the inner life of this place.

Sarajevo: Meeting the Criteria at Kriterion

Since 2008, a group of cultural activists has been creating an alternative cultural space Kriterion, probably the only independent arts and community center in Sarajevo.

University on a water in Berlin

Experimental University at a pond in Berlin’s Templehof is searching for new approaches to urbanism and art.

15 square meters art gallery in Poland

Polish artist Agatha Grzych opened a temporary art gallery in a 15 square meters room in a former chemistry school.

For the Love of Tenement Housing

Ekaterina Yuhnova made a private museum in her flat in a typical tenement house in St.Petersburg. Her mission is to promote this heritage among people interested in the history of their town.

Five grassroots spaces and communities that create new Kiev

Over the past few years, many grassroots initiatives have emerged in Kiev aimed at interacting with local communities, improving abandoned buildings,  districts and social participation. We talked with organizers of these projects.

Crowdfunded public space in Dnipro, where anyone can organize an event

STAGE is an experimental public space built with help of international team of architects in Dnipro, Ukraine, which is conceived as an investigation of the cultural needs of the residents of the town.

Island of misunderstanding: Wroclaw authorities put on sale iconic building

While Europe is talking about the need of strenghtening of local governance, in fact it’s not always possible to find a consensus between the authorities and the local communities. 

Lost and found: How one australian man bought former train station in Czech Republic

Jamison Young bougth abandondoned railway station 70 kilometers south from Prague and made in it a rustic hotel with vintage furniture and a meditative atmosphere.

Unknown Moscow: Centre of Avant-Garde in the Shabolovka District

Alexandra Selivanova is an expert in the Russian avant-garde – an art movement that greatly enriched art and architecture in the 1920s and 30s. She founded the Avant-Guard Centre, a research and exhibition centre in Moscow.  

The Last of the Sevillian Corrales: How to Keep An Old House and Fill It With New Content

In Macarena - one of the most colorful quarters of the town of Seville - there is a house that works as a time machine. Once in it, you will travel to the beginning of the 20th century accompanied by an interesting community of contemporaries.