We promote the culture of small groups, of local projects and spaces, of interhuman communication. Every individual is important.

As a social and cultural being, each person depends on and interacts with  space. Public spaces which surround us become “part” of us and have an impact on our life, mood and prospects. If these spaces are harmonious and created with care for real people (and not in favor of the interests of  bureaucratic institutions, political parties and big companies), they encourage us to meet, comunicate and interact. And viceversa, if we treat these spaces personally, with love, care and creativity, we can build small but effective bridges in order to confront space, cultural and social segregation.

According to an outstanding urbanist Christopher Alexander, the construction of humanised spaces and landscapes gives people possibility “not only to love the places where they live but even to love each other. These metters are all connected. If you live in a system of boxes as most people do, you can bearly struggle to archieve an effective life”.

This platform is devoted to the people who come out with private initiatives and interact with spaces close to them. Small projects, local activities, initiatives of the residents – from business to art – these experienses are  situated in different countries, however learning about them can significantly expand our vision of Europe and the World. As cultural managers and curators we have been working for many years in Russia and Ukraine and our experience and integration with the media and social networks in these countries will be a strong connecting point for the futher contacts @ our platform.

Very often people in our countries don’t really know what is happening on local level not only in places which are thousands of miles away, but even are not aware of what is going on in their neighboring countries. If you make a cultural cafe or a local private museum in some town in Ukraine it will be very exiting experience to learn that you can find colleagues in the same field in the Czech Republic and share experiences and problems with them. Multiple cases of social  grassroots activities can be useful, encouraging examples. The guys who struggle to rebuild from ruins a public cycle treck in Warsaw, or the residents  of one of the districts of Seville who make a garden in an abandoned railway station - life is full of such brave acts.  If you are a musician in Russia, it would be very useful for you to learn about existence of an independent venue somewhere in Germany, in order to make a concert there. Cultural encounters can be surprisingly unexpected and powerful.

Such experiences can create sustainable grassroots networks – the necessary basis for real democracy. «We need to build Europe united in diversity; a Europe which is strong with small players from local and regional communities», says Polish activist Lech Walesa. We share these values and want to contribute.

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