Nina Skibnevsky's clothing brand Haptic Path transmits her values: loving beauty and nature, travelling and justice.

Nina Skibnevsky was born in Moscow, studied social psychology, worked in NGO. Four years ago she moved to Tel Aviv and began to fulfill her long-standing dream – designing slow fashion clothing. «Free motion in body and mind» is a slogan of the Haptic Path brand she created. Haptic perception is the process of recognizing the world through touch. «I do believe that comfy clothes can inspire people to dance, travel, meditate, and to do it in their own way,» says Nina. 

Haptic Path style is inspired in large part by ancient Japanese attire. Nina uses for or all Haptic Path garments only 100% natural fabrics and threads (hemp and bamboo over cotton). «These sustainable fabrics are breathable, hypoallergenic and provide protection from solar radiation. I also appreciate hemp as the best solution to minimize the fashion industry’s global footprint,» she is convinced.

«I am happy to take part of the slow fashion and fair trade movement. I’ve been to many places and have seen many ecological issues firsthand. We cannot leave our Planet for our children in this condition. It is the responsibility of our generation to change the way we think about resources, to clean the rivers and oceans and leave things better for all those who come after us,» believes Nina. 

All pictures are taken from Haptic Path